Trip to Kyoto Japan

Trip to Kyoto Japan

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Kyoto is a city in Japan that is known for its Buddhist temples and Japanese culture. The city is perfect for history buffs to explore and to experience the way of life out of the United States. Kyoto has a distinct culture that is based off the values of Buddhism. These values are made into reality by the city’s temples, which number in the thousands in the Kyoto prefecture. Kyoto is made up of many Buddhist temples, and a visit to one of these temples is an excellent experience that will introduce you to the serenity and enlightenment many of the temples provide. Despite the Buddhist values, Kyoto also has some of Japan’s most important Shinto shrines and landmarks.

Kyoto, Japan is an ancient and beautiful city. It is well known for its temples, shrines, and traditional architecture. Kyoto has been around for over two thousand years and it has seen many changes to the city’s layout. Kyoto was the capital of Japan from 794 until 1868 and it was to Kyoto that I and my family came to visit. Kyoto has many delicious food, a beautiful day, happy people and an incredible culture. Kyoto is a wonderful place to visit and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys Japanese culture, architecture, history and food.

Kyoto is a beautiful Japanese city which is easy to get around and with a wide selection of natural beauty. As the former imperial capital of Japan, it really is worth visiting and our visit was perfect. The Maid Cafe in Kyoto was a really interesting experience where you get to hang out and eat while being served by maids. They all talk to you in cute high pitched voices and they’re really nice! Kyoto is a beautiful city with a lot to offer, and I would recommend going to Kyoto if you’re ever given the chance.

Kyoto Attractions

Japan offers incredible attractions, like those in Kyoto, Japan, and visiting there can be your most memorable holiday. As one of the most popular holiday destinations, with good reason, Kyoto offers an array of wonderful attractions. Kyoto’s attractions include the Buddhist temples and shrines that have been built over thousands of years, all while remaining faithful to nature. Here’s some places in Kyoto to visit.

Kyoto Attractions at a Glance

Japan is a nation with something for everyone. From the historical sites to stunning gardens and natural wonders to traditional arts and crafts, there is something for everyone. There are also many things you can choose to do at the time of your visit. Be sure to pick the best spots for your stay and make the most of your time in and around Kyoto.

In Japanese, Kyoto means “Great City”: a city with a history of over 1,000 years, located in east-central Japan. It is the seat of the Kyoto government and houses many magnificent historical monuments and shrines. Kyoto has two main regions – the mountains and the plains – to offer different attractions. Kyoto is noted for its famous Buddhist temples.

Bonshuken (満派範囲)

Bonshuken is one UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the nearby Shoseiten (侵江範囲) and the Kiyomizu-dera or “Mountain View Temple” (山雨寺). Of these three sites, only Bonshuken has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO (UNESCO designation does not guarantee preservation), the others have not yet been so declared. Today, Bonshuken attracts about 30,000 visitors each year, making it one of Kyoto’s most frequently visited sites. Bonshuken is a shrine for the founder of Kyoto – Emperor Jimmu. It was founded in 710 by the Emperor Jimmu on the eve of the Buddhist New Year.

Hokkaido-Hekan Onsen

Hokkaido-Hegan Onsen – the most famous hot spring in Japan. If you want relaxation, you must go to this traditional hot spring where people have been bathing for generations. The scenery is something from the fantasy world of Japan in its pristine nature. You will definitely have a long list of reasons to choose this as a place to spend your vacation.

To get to Hekan Onsen, you need only rent a car or get around. On the outskirts of Tokyo, take a train to Takasago-Kusatsu or Shibuya-Ōtō and continue by the train to Hedo. The trip should take about an hour and you can see a few of the unique and wonderful sights for hours along the way at your own pace.


Eden – one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. You can find many things to see and do in this beautiful city where the famous Zen Garden and cherry blossoms will certainly delight you.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji – this is the most visited mountain in the world and the best reason to pay a visit is the view you get from the summit of the mountain.


Ise – one of the most important temple cities.


Doshima-dōtengō (Temple of the Dawn of Daybreak)

Where to Eat in Kyoto

Nyankai is the restaurant that has caught everyone’s attention—everyone that isn’t named Katsuya. And that’s saying a lot (well, maybe not too much) because there doesn’t seem to be a bad word about Katsuya’s restaurant. It is definitely the best sushi in Shibuya and it’s often called Shibuya’s top sushi establishment. While it’s true that there are a lot of good sushi restaurants in Shibuya, the quality goes up—Katsuya is a perfect example of the latter. On the outside the restaurant is not that pretty—you have to put on sunglasses to get to the restaurants entrance. Inside, however, it’s like one of the best sushi restaurants around, which is pretty amazing.

After some pretty basic sushi and sashimi, we were really excited to experience the sushi sashimi maki, which is quite unique as well. But after trying four different versions all were just average, we ordered sashimi maki rice from the sushi counter to try their maki sushi maki. The maki sushi maki is basically tuna salad with a little added texture from the maki sushi and a small little packet of salt water. And it was actually pretty good. For those who want an example of the maki sushi maki, we recommend trying this tuna salad with a twist: make it a simple tuna salad with mayonnaise and rice vinegar.

Now, we have to tell you that we are the kind of people who like good drinks but on those rare occasions we might need a drink to help us relax we would visit Bar Bar. A small cocktail lounge just minutes away from the entrance of the hotel.

Trip to Kyoto Japan

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