Privacy Policy

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As a remember that we live on North Sentinel Island and outsiders cannot visit our island because we are not friendly to them. We live happily with our small community without disturbing the outside world. Therefore, the information we collect from you, such as email address, password, IP address, cookies, etc. are 100{5608c91f752e1a0b1239953e867fbc8d334fbac7503ca565957735a02e0d930d} secure.

We will not disclose or share your identity or personal information with anyone. When you visit Japanise, we will not collect any personal information.

We use advertisements in Japanise, which may collect your IP address, cookies, etc. For research and analysis purposes, to show you relevant and appropriate advertisements. Please do not provide any personal information, such as name, address, password, bank details, etc. to the advertisements you see on Japanise. We do not take any responsibility for this. Therefore, by visiting Japanise, you agree to this.

We may update our privacy policy to reflect changes in our information practices. If we make any changes, we will notify you in Japanise. If you continue to use Japanise after these changes, you will automatically accept the revised policy.