Enoshima Beach, One of the most Beautiful Beaches in Japan

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Playing and swimming on the beach is that the most destination of Enoshima visitors. in conjunction with Kamakura Beach, Enoshima Beach is that the foremost accessible beach from Tokyo. Both of these beaches have beautiful ocean and beach views, surf the surfers, and are also surrounded by other attractions. When visiting Enoshima, Enoshima Beach is one of the places to not be missed. the next activities are often done on Enoshima beach.

Enoshima Beach

1. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Fuji from Enoshima Bentenbashi

Bentenbashi could also be a bridge that connects the coast of Kamakura with the island of Enoshima, which is typically crowded during the holiday season. That’s because on a transparent day, crossing to Enoshima, we’ll see Mt. Fuji on the right! So don’t forget to need a picture of this bridge. Enjoy a journey across approximately quarter-hour to Enoshima Island while experiencing the breeze .

Enoshima beach view street
Enoshima beach view street

2. Play on Enoshima Beach

During the summer months (July-August), the coastal scenery will change drastically. Many food and beverage vending shops, luggage storage lockers stand along the beach. Right, Summer could also be a favourite time for people to travel to the beach in Enoshima.

The waves at Enoshima Beach are perfect for friends who want to undertake surfing or just swimming. Unlike Kamakura Beach which is difficult to predict sea conditions (sometimes waves and currents change rapidly), Enoshima Beach is safer to surf and swim. The sandy beach also provides an opportunity for visitors to sunbathe throughout the day or who want to play and chase.

In addition, there are many facilities available at Enoshima Beach. On the side of the beach, volleyball courts are available for free of charge of charge use. Friends can play in conjunction with other visitors. additionally , there is a grill for visitors who want to spend the night together during a barbeque event.

3. Explore other Attractions in Enoshima

After playing at the beach, friends can visit other interesting places in Enoshima, just like the lookout of Enoshima Sea Candle, Samuel Cocking Park, Shin Enoshima Aquarium, or Enoshima shrine. At the port of Enoshima, we’ll also take pictures at the 1964 Olympic Memorial Fountain in Tokyo, then also at the harbour of the Yacht in Enoshima, then to the coast of the wave-retaining wall of the panorama is certainly very beautiful.

4. Plan to Ride Eska

We have to climb Capitol Hill if you’d wish to urge around and visit the tourist spots in Enoshima. But just relax, there’s Eska or escalator in Enoshima, where we’ll reach the very best of Capitol Hill without the need to spend energy. Eska is right for friends who continue vacation in conjunction with family or make friends who want many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of energy because they have to visit several places. It should be noted, that the Eska only stairs walk towards the very best of Capitol Hill , while the steps downs aren’t there. we’ll take a payment of 360 Yen for adults and 180 Yen for kids .

enoshima island
enoshima island

Transportation to Enoshima Beach

To get to Enoshima, friends just take the train from Tokyo. There are three stations within the world , like Enoshima station which is served by Enoden train, then Katase Enoshima Station near the aquarium that’s served by Odakyu train, and Shonan-Enoshima station of the Shonan Monorail.

From Tokyo using JR trains

From Tokyo station, friends can take the JR Tokaido train or JR Shonan-Shinjuku train (from Shinjuku station) for a 50-minute ride with 970 yen to Fujisawa Station. Then take the Odakyu local train to Katase Enoshima station. The trip is 7 minutes with the ticket price 160 yen. From Katase Enoshima Station it is a 5-minute walk to the beach.

From Tokyo by Odakyu train

From Shinjuku Station to Fujisawa station, it’s 70 minutes, and thus the ticket price is 630 yen. From Fujisawa station, friends can take the Odakyu local train to Katase Enoshima station. The trip is 7 minutes with the ticket price 160 yen.

From Katase Enoshima Station it is a 5-minute walk to the beach.From Katase Enoshima Station it is a 5-minute walk to the beach.

From Kamakura

From Kamakura station, you’ll take the Enoden train for 25 minutes to Enoshima station. The ticket price is 260 yen. From Enoshima station, it is a 10-minute walk to the beach.