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Hello Dear People,

Thank you for visiting about us page of J-Pop Libs.

We are just bunch of noob geeks based in North Sentinel Island. If you know it is the most isolated place on earth and outsiders are not allowed to visit our place. We are a group of total 150 Sentinelese living on the island. We live off coconuts, fishes and raptiles meat and we communicate in sentinelese language.

You will not understand our language and better try not as we welcome visitors from outside world with the point we made with bows and iron-tipped arrows. We are very vulnerable to diseases so it’s better you people leave us alone and let us live our isolated life peacefully. We do not want to bother you and disturb you in your life so you better not bother us in our life.

We just provide entertainment to outside world with this website and it brings joy to our tribes on island. So we will be so grateful to you if you let us live happily.

Jesus, Allah, God everyone is watching on you. So have fear of them and follow live and let live. You are not going to take anything in heaven, all you gonna leave it here on earth.

So again we request you, live your joyful life with your family and kids and and let us live our cheerful and untroubled life with our families and kids easily.

God Bless You!