10 Most Popular Japanese Food, Which Is Your Favorite?

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Japan has a very thick culture. This is what makes it a target for tourists. Apart from being rich in tourist destinations, Sakura Country also has many special culinary delights with super delicious flavors.

Even in Indonesia, there have been many Japanese food stalls. Here are 10 Japanese specialties that are very famous in the world.

1. Sashimi

The second is sashimi. This food made from fresh sea fish is usually served raw and enjoyed with soy sauce and lemon juice. It’s delicious!

Sashimi Japanese Food

2. Takoyaki

This typical Japanese snack is loved by some countries. With made from wheat flour and filled with octopus, this food is very delicious. Not only contains octopus meat, some also contains cheese, chicken, squid, shrimp, and others.

Takoyaki Japanese Food

3. Onigiri

The typical Japanese rice ball really fit for ganjel belly that was rumbling ya. Its unique shape is very popular with culinary lovers. Even in Japan, onigiri is generally used for children’s supplies and eaten during picnics. This onigiri also has many variants of contents. Among them are tuna, chicken, salmon, and beef yakiniku.

Onigiri Japanese Food

4. Udon

Udon is one of the specialties of Sakura Country. The shape is the same as noodles, but bigger. Its chewy and delicious taste will make you addicted. 

Udon japanese Food

5. Dorayaki

Do you know Doraemon’s favorite food? Those of you who like to watch this cartoon series must know this one food. Dorayaki is round, the dough is similar to pancakes. The uniqueness of this cake lies in its distinctive filling, which contains red beans. However, in Some Countries, dorayaki is modified into cheese and chocolate filling.

Dorayaki Japanese Food

6. Mochi

Round shape cute with a variety of colors. The basic ingredient of this mochi cake is glutinous rice which is mashed, then shaped into a round or oval shape. Soft and chewy texture with a sweet taste. Mochi cakes in Japan usually contain red beans. However, in some Countries mochi is often used as an ice cream topping.

Mochi Japanese Food

7. Yakiniku

This one food is made from meat that is cooked by grilling or grilling. The meat used for yakiniku is not only beef, it can also be from lamb. Very delicious!

Yakiniku Japanese Food

8. Soba

Besides udon, there is another variant of Japanese-style noodles, namely Soba. Soba is made from wheat flour. Not a few Japanese restaurants in Some Countries serve this food, really. So you can enjoy this soba dish.

Soba japanese Food

9. Ramen

Lastly, Japanese food which is popular in Some Countries is ramen. Usually ramen is served with broth. You must like this one food, right ?!

Ramen japanese food mie

10. Sushi

This typical Japanese food is very popular in Indonesia. You must have tasted delicious sushi, right? You can also find sushi at various Japanese restaurants in your area. There are many varieties of sushi, but the most famous ones are the California roll, salmon roll, and dragon roll.

sushi japanese food

Those are 10 Japanese foods that are very popular in the world. So which have you eaten guys.